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Feb. 2, 2022

Commit to this one goal and become a better pizza maker

Commit to this one goal and become a better pizza maker

I’m high off the last episode with Feng, the operator of the IG account Leopard Crust. For those of you who didn’t listen, you should definitely check it out. Feng is someone who makes out of this world pizza creations on Instagram.

She has pizzas with drawings of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she has combinations of Korean, Thai, and other cuisines she’s eaten. And on top of that, as if her pizzas weren’t creative enough, all of her captions come with a pun. Suffice to say, she puts a lot of thought into each and every post.

When dissecting how this individual manages to put out A+ content day after day, she stated one thing that stood out. She initially started this pizza journey with a goal in mind. Not only did this goal jumpstart her Instagram account, but it also contributed to her creativity. Listen to find out how this goal can make you a better pizza maker.

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