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Much more than just a pizza podcast… passion, joy and love in every slice. Very inspiring, THANK YOU!


I am looking to venture into the pizza world and stumbled on this podcast. I am hooked on this podcast. The host is great, the topics are on point, and the host ask great in depth questions.

The Best!

Love the passion, curiosity, and love that goes into this podcast! As a pizza food truck owner, I’ve learned so much valuable information from ‘What’s Good Dough?’ that I utilize everyday.

Best Pizza podcast and more!

I have listened to a lot of different podcasts and you are really good at asking the right questions and the sound quality is well done. Pizza is my passion and it’s nice to hear other people and yourself are so passionate about it. Thank you and please keep the content coming.

Want vs Need

His conversations move pizza from a want to a need. I need good pizza in my life..

Excellent content

This podcast has excellent content! I love the in depth interviews.

Thank you for this

Thanks for creating a space for us to hang and chat dough and nerd out a bit!

What’s good dough?

This is good dough!

Pizza Pizza

Love this show!

There’s nothing else like it

This is a podcast for and by passionate pizza makers, whether you’re a pro or a home baker. It feels like hanging out with your pizza community, the topics are broad but the tips and tricks are so specific you can start using them today.

Great show

Great show if you are interested in pizza and/or entrepreneurship. The audio quality is constantly better than othe pizza podcasts. Always get great info from conversations with Mike @ rosehill sourdough!

Informative show about pizza, business, and following your passion

Eidref has a wide array of guests, from pizza royalty to brand new pizza makers. He is a great interviewer, and is able to get his guests to talk about everything from the minutiae of pizza dough to following your passion and opening your pizza shop. If you’re interested in opening up your own pizza shop, or even just starting your own non-pizza business, I would definitely start listening to this show!

Uncle Rico’s Pizza Ft Myers

My wife and I are a small Mom & Pop Pizzeria owners in Ft myers Florida and we love to listen to the podcast on our way to the shop and our day off . The podcast gives us insight of the Pizza industry as well as interviews with Great Pizzeria owners and operators. Eidrif has created such a great Podacst for the Pizza industry . My wife and I are always exited for the next episode 🍕

Amazing show - informative, inspiring, and thought provoking

Eidref has created one of the best food/business/life podcasts around. For anyone remotely interested in pizza, it is a must. But more than just for pizza lovers, this show offers invaluable insight into the world of how to create/run an interesting business, how to excel at one’s craft, and how to navigate the good/bad/ugly that is inevitable along the way. His guests are all extremely interesting, accomplished, and informative. The show shares authentic moments of triumph, tragedy, and vulnerability, delivered in an approachable and not at all egotistical manner. It has become a staple on my podcast feed. 100% recommend.

Thanks from your pizza family!

You have a passion for the subject and the community around it, and it shines through in each episode. Thanks for wonderful conversations with great pizza people. 🍕❤️💪

Enjoyable podcast

This show creates an inviting space for pizza operators and lovers to share the latest of what’s going on in the industry. Host’s relaxing personality makes great conversations easy to listen and enjoy!

What’s Good Dough is IMPORTANT

Eidref has really gotten a hold of the pizza community in a real way and engages the listener in questions, comments and humor in his podcasts. The guests are great and full of insights that can help home pizza makers like myself as well as store/popup pros. PEACE!

Great content and Attitude

A humble down to earth, honest host who draws so much information from his guests. Delightful podcast with excellent sound quality, to boot.

Educational and INSPIRING

Eidref interviews awesome people, and it’s always so fun. I’ve learned so much to go try and to go research. This podcast is going to make you hungry, and it really does help level up your pizza game.

Such a beautiful gift to the pizza world!

Eidref is doing an incredible job with this pod. Thoughtful interviews, incredible guests, and inspiring convos about all things pizza+pizza making+pizza business+pizza craft+entrepreneurship. Eidref is a natural interviewer and podcast host. Can’t wait to see how this show continues to grow!

What’s Good Podcast?

Eidref does a phenomenal job at interviewing all the pizza peeps. I’ve learned so much from him and all the guests! To hear about the successes and failures of those in the pizza industry is invaluable. Thanks Eidref!!


Great personal conversations with small pizza makers and pizzeria owners! Very friendly and easy listening.

Straight FIRE!!

There are a lot of wanna be casters out there but this is real and legit! I love this podcast! Very informative, especially someone like me who is breaking into the business. So many things I didn’t think of come out of this pod it’s like a education course! Great work man! Keep it going!

A Valuable Look into the Behind the Scenes of the Pizza Industry

"Whats Good Dough?" brings to light some of the less talked about aspects of owning a pizzeria and shares the stories of entrepeneurs following their pizza journeys and finding success. I always come away from episodes with something. Sometimes it's a book recommendation, sometimes a recipe or topping I wouldn't have thought of, and sometimes it'san instagram account that I need to go follow. The host is laid-back, cool, courteous, and asks great questions in additon to providing good commentary. I'm hooked!

Awesome Pod!

Keep up the great work! Wonderful conversations and stories!

Love this podcast!

I’ve really been enjoying this lately. Very laid back, humble, and inspiring. I love hearing about everyone’s pizza journeys and Eidref the host is so kind. Highly recommend if you’re an entrepreneur, pizza lover/maker, or just looking for to hear some inspiring stories.

Humble and Loveable Episodes

Love the episodes and the wide diversity of content!

Pizza Pod

Great pizza pod. Good luck with your pizza journey!