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Feb. 2, 2022

I finally listened to John Arena

I finally listened to John Arena

If you listened to the episode before this, you know that output matters when it comes to pizza. And in this episode, I want to try to get you to avoid one mistake that I made which was not listening to John Arena.

I have never made more pizza in my life than in 2021. I’ve experimented with Neapolitan, Sicilian, grandma, Detroit, cracker-thin, bar pies, roman. Y’all get the point. I was all over the place. And so were my results. While my thirst for different styles was somewhat fulfilled, I never felt satisfied with my progress with pizza in general. So in December of 2021, I sat down and reflected and told myself that I’m going to commit to one style and that is gonna be pan/Sicilian style pizzas. But not only am I committing to that one style. I’m committing to one flour, and one recipe. And yes, I’ve been writing down my notes too. My goal is that every Monday that I dedicate a pizza to a podcast guest, It’s going to be a fluffy, high hydrations Sicilian naturally leavened pizza made with central milling high mountain flour,

Does it really make a difference? For me, absolutely. Throughout 2021, my progress was split into so many styles. In some styles, I made no progress at all. After doing one full month of making the same dough recipe bake after bake, I’ve learned so many minor details that ultimately all add up in my quest for mastery.

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