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June 29, 2021

[Level Up Real Quick] The problem with using Caputo in North America

[Level Up Real Quick] The problem with using Caputo in North America

Flour should be fresh. Period.


If you've ever heard, "The best flour for pizza is caputo pizzeria (caputo blue) flour," you're not alone. It is a great flour, don't get it twisted, but the flour and brand do have its shortcomings.

In this week's podcast, I interview Rafi, the owner and operator of Hilltown Hot Pies. This short segment is taken from a 1 hour long podcast [WGD72] where we discuss food sustainability, mobile trucks, and pizza mentorship.

While Caputo undoubtedly makes great products, Rafi makes a compelling argument to source flours manufactured and produced in your local area. We believe that pizza is made with simple and fresh ingredients and thus your flour should be reflective of that.

For Americans especially, there are so many options that don't require exporting products from North America, to Italy, only to import it back to America. While we'll have to discuss why Caputo Blue isn't the end all be all for pizza in another video, the point that Rafi makes is clear- flour should fresh.

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