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July 2, 2021

[WGD 73] Comedian turned pizza maker, decision matrix, and f$ck up banks with Mal Hall

[WGD 73] Comedian turned pizza maker, decision matrix, and f$ck up banks with Mal Hall

What's better than listening to a professional comedian that does pizza pop ups? Mal Hall is a hilarious and humble dude who turned to pizza when he found out that doing comedy tours was temporarily halted. In this episode we talk about how and why he got started, where he pops ups and so much more. 


What I find super interesting about this episode is that Mal came into pizza with some existing influence. I could not wait to get into learning about whether or not he actually had #thesehands, or if he was selling selfies, signed pizza boxes and slices. Just kidding- I don't give a crap what you do to sell your pizzas as long as you're doing what you love with good intentions. 


But if you care as much about the craft as Mal does, you have to seek the truth:  Are people are buying your pizzas because they are fire, or because you are a charity case? Mal's method of finding out if people were actually into his pies was to send out anonymous surveys. Genius- I survey all of my guests at my pop-ups through a google survey. And if I have down time or a guests comes early, I strike up the conversation there. Theres no other feedback quite like this. Its instant and guests have to think quick on their feet. Less BS. I ask, "How were the directions? What did you think of the menu? Have you had my pies before?"  Securing feedback about the experience, even if it's just feedback leading up to the moment before getting the pizza is so valuable. And if you don't want to talk or can't talk or want true and honest feedback- a survey is a great way to go.

I linked my pizza feedback survey below. Feel free to check it out and use any and all of the questions for your next pop up.




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