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Feb. 16, 2020

When you love pizza, wan't to own a pizzeria, but can't work at a pizzeria...

When you love pizza, wan't to own a pizzeria, but can't work at a pizzeria...


My first episode talks about my history with pizza and the nostalgia and comfort associated with it. I also dive into my relationship with pizza and touch on the goals and aspirations I have with my favorite food in the world. This intro also touches on what you should expect to come from the podcast as well as gives a brief summary of my relationship with the first podcast guest. Please also note, that this episode energy is a little low and slow and does not reflect the overall vibe of the rest of the episodes. My goal was to post this before my wedding anniversary (2/17) and so I was grinding away last night to finally get this out!  Please take the time to listen to this quick episode and get a real understanding of the rest of the podcast through the interviews!


Full Transcript Here

Thank you so much for tuning in to the What's Good Dough podcast. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you share it. If you want to get in touch with me, follow us on Instagram at Whats Good Dough. And remember to always ask, what’s good dough? What's happening? What's good dough? My name is Eidref and I'm here to welcome you today to my podcast. This podcast is all about pizza. The reason I created this podcast was to learn from the people who make pizza happen. And that's not only restaurant owners, these pizza making people are consumers, right? You, the pizza eater is what drives pizza today. My main goal for this podcast is to learn everything I can about pizza. One day I want to open up my own pizza spot. And I think by interviewing pizza restaurant Tours, by interviewing other pizza lovers, and learning a little bit from pizza haters as well. I think I'm going to be able to provide a great quality product to people who can appreciate great quality pizza.

A little bit about myself, I eat pizza every day. I absolutely love it. It's been my favorite food since I was a child. You know, growing up, I literally lived off of pizza. My brother and I we would walk home from school and we would warm up some French bread pizza from Costco. I think pizza from Costco is definitely one of my earliest pizza memories. It's like you know, $10 slices. Oh, sorry. $10 pies, excuse me and $2 slices. Really hard to beat, especially with the convenience if you know, all you did was shop at Costco with your parents. Like literally my parents bought everything in bulk because, you know, we were a middle income family. And so you would see our freezers filled with French bread pizzas, pepperoni pizza, and hot pockets. And for a brief moment bagel bites, which my brother and I didn't really enjoy too much. We were more of a fan of pizza rolls, which you could only get at certain places. If you really wanted to get them in bulk, you'd have to get them at WinCo. But that wasn't readily available to us. And so Costco pizza was basically what I grew up with. I also grew up with round table pizza. My grandfather would swear by round table pizza and would always take us there and you know what? It was delicious. He would even grab like KFC chicken, and kind of have a pizza and chicken party every time we'd go and visit him.