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Feb. 5, 2021

Building a Brand with Marc and Danny from Square Pie Guys

Building a Brand with Marc and Danny from Square Pie Guys

Marc Schechter and Daniel Stoller are the Square Pie Guys. They took the jump to starting the square pizza business a little over 2 years ago, a huge up-taking to begin with. To make the venture even more challenging, they opened in the heart of San Francisco. It's safe to say they have succeeded in starting up a well known brand based on their decision to expand to a second location across the bridge in Oakland. Of course success does not happen overnight and in this episode we talk about taking calculated risks, overcoming employee churn and much more. If there is one disservice I did, its that I could have dug a little deeper on some of the topics. Instead, we go over a multitude of topics in this light hearted discussion including meeting Asian NBA star Jeremy Lin, why they look up to Panda Express, and much more. Get ready for the laughs, the jokes and hilarious remarks from the two... just make sure you put on some headphones to hear it all!

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