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Feb. 17, 2020

Employees can own pizza businesses too through worker Co-Ops with Kirk Vartan from a Slice of New York

Employees can own pizza businesses too through worker Co-Ops with Kirk Vartan from a Slice of New York

Work Co-ops- Treat your employees right, and they will take care of the business you started forever.



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Part two of the interview with Kirk from ASONY is all about employee co-ops.  Here we talk about how employees are the foundation of a prosperous business. Business owners can learn from ASONY's success and the deep investment they make in the people who make their business run. We also touch on why those who serve up the best ___(anything) should look into some type of succession plan, whether its through a co-op or not, to keep your product alive.

Full Transcript Here

Eidref: What's happening? What's good dough? Thank you very much for tuning in to another episode of the what's good dough podcast. This is part two of a conversation I had with Kirk, the founder of A Slice of New York. This episode is going to be talking a lot more about employee pull ups. What are they? Are they good for employees? Are they good for restaurant owners? We are going to let you the listener decide. But from what we talked about, personally, I think it's a great idea. I love the idea of a succession plan and that if I create something amazing, then I would want that legacy to continue. So without further ado, please enjoy the show and let me know what you think. You guys do like a day where pizzas are half off?

Kirk: Yeah, so called Pizza Academy.

Eidref: Pizza Academy.

Kirk: Yeah, Pizza Academy. That's like kind of like our training day.

Eidref: You do training days?

Kirk: We're closed Mondays. We've been closed Mondays for over 12 years.

Eidref: Okay.

Kirk: We closed Mondays early on. First we were open Seven days and we didn't even have hours when we first opened, I didn't post any hours.

Eidref: Yeah.

Kirk: My longest day I was open till 4am.

Eidref: Oh, wow.

Kirk: Personally, I was there.