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Feb. 17, 2020

Growing up in Italy and buying a pizza restaurant with Chef Antonella from La Pizzeria

Growing up in Italy and buying a pizza restaurant with Chef Antonella from La Pizzeria




Full Transcription

Eidref: Thank you so much for tuning in to the What’s Good Though Podcast. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you share it. If you want to get in touch with me, follow us on Instagram @what’sgoodthough. But remember to always ask what's good though. What’s happening, what’s good though? This is the What's Good Though podcast with your host Eidref and I am going to be doing a special type of interview today. We are going to do mainly a solo cast. And I'm going to go ahead and get snippets from the Interview with Chef Antonella from la pizzeria in Campbell. She is an amazing woman, cranking out great pizza, and a fine establishment here in Campbell, California. I think that her pizza is amazing. And the reason why I wanted to interview her was because of the balance that I saw; the amazing deliciousness balance in the pizzas that we tried. Her pizza was light. Her pizza was soft, and it was most importantly flavorful. And I could just tell that there was something special about this pizzeria over here. I really think it was her experiences as a child that allowed her to just be the creative chef that she is today.


Antonella: And I grew up always thinking about food, because I love to eat. And I was born with that. It’s in my DNA. And since when I was little on summer vacation, I really liked it to go to the fresh market and do the grocery for my mother. And I was pretty good. I was able to understand when it was fresh, things that they weren't fresh and picking up. And that was my passion.


Eidref: I mean, this woman grew up in Italy, the heart of delicious Italian food, really. And she grew up in Rome, figuring out like, at an early stage that fresh makes a huge difference. And that's something I'm learning over time. I've been eating at more and more restaurants. And what I'm breaking down is that people who use fresh ingredients, the best products that they can grab, the simpler the food, the better. And they really just use the ingredients to do the talking and I think that's something that chef Antonella really has just figured out and is you know making a killing on at her restaurant.


Antonella: Because I think we have the best ingredients in the world. And I think it is possible because the shape of Italy is a particular and it's like a boat and we started with the Alps and so the Alps and the mountains. You have cheese, you have a good meat, and then you go down you have also porcine national which in the Tuscan area and then the central area. And then, you go down the south, you have a nicer seafood then.