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June 19, 2020

Wood Fired and Asian Fusion Pizzeria in SF with Nora Haron from Local Kitchen

Wood Fired and Asian Fusion Pizzeria in SF with Nora Haron from Local Kitchen

Wow. I mean wow. My conversation with chef Nora Haron was intimidating and insightful. I was so nervous talking to a woman who after speaking with, I now look up to. 

SF friends, she is the chef and partner of Local Kitchen, a black owned business.  She has put her blood sweat and tears in the food industry and just keeps rising, achieving unprecedented heights. It appears that there is no stop for this woman.

As we celebrate Juneteenth, I'd like to share a quote I read today. "Juneteenth is a reminder that we must continue to engage in self-examination, to educate ourselves, and to demonstrate respect and allyship to all we encounter both in our personal and professional lives." - Dr. Wakayama.


Find out more about this woman's amazing journey.





Full Transcript

Nora: Be laser focused. You know, this is what you want go get it. Set up those little goals to get to those big goals you know. Things are not going to happen overnight and you keep at it always be on hashtag beast mode.

Eidref: Thank you so much for tuning in to the What's Good Dough podcast. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you share it. If you want to get in touch with me, follow us on Instagram at What’s Good Dough. And remember to always ask, what’s good dough? What's happening what's good dough? It's your boy Eidref. How are y'all doing today? I am doing great in case any of you are asking. I am very, very, very excited to release this episode. I worked tirelessly to get this out. To be truthfully honest with everyone, this was a very long episode that I cut down to about 45 minutes. And I need you to let me know. Do you want longer content? This length of content or shorter content? So far, we've been averaging about 40 to 50 minutes per show. I wouldn't say average because I didn't calculate it myself. But that's how it feels so forgive the bias. But yeah, comment on Instagram, rate us on Apple podcasts, let me know so that I can create a show for you. But other than that, this is an amazing episode. Please listen to everything. That's all I can really say because there are so many nuggets in this. Please enjoy the show. And let me know what's good dough. You have such an amazing journey. And I think one of the questions I always ask here is, where did the love for pizza come from? But you know, clearly you have a deeper relationship with just food in general. Let's talk about how that drives.

Nora: Yeah, I was told that my food was too ethnic.

Eidref: Whoa.

Nora: And so…

Eidref: Those words exactly?

Nora: This is how it happened. We don't mean to sound racist, but your food is too ethnic for us.

Eidref: Bam. What the hell?

Nora: Yeah. So you asked me what was the drive; that was to drive. So when the opportunity came at local, you know, I was hesitant at first honestly about this pizza the deal. Because the burning desire to still focus on my food was still very strong. Then I said to myself, who am I to distance? I mean, I have a bre